Maria Knotzer - HR / Personalleitung Norbert Schermann
General Manager

Maria Knotzer, BSc (WU), MA

Enthusiasm, perseverance, & joy mark my life. The meaningfulness of my work and contact with people are my first priorities. At the same time, I am happy to make my contribution to our family business.

Maria Knotzer is the general manager and also oversees the HR Department.

Sylvia Moser - GF / Gesellschafterin beim Wiener Hofburg-Orchester

Sylvia Moser

Full of joy and fun, I accomplish the tasks that I face with the help of my talents and all my energy. Learning, in the sense of consciousness development, is my goal.

Ms. Sylvia Moser is the major partner of the WRO and the inventive and creative head of our company. Exclusive musical product innovations and efficient strategic planning are Ms. Moser’s main tasks. In addition, she is delighted to be present at our concerts as a hostess.

Lami Cunaku - Gesellschafter beim Wiener Hofburg-Orchester
Sales Manager/Partner

Lami Cunaku

As Senior Sales Manager, I specialize in meeting the needs of classical music fans around the globe, and arranging classical music events in the most famous Viennese concert halls.

Mr. Lami Cunaku is not only a partner in the WRO, but is also responsible for strategic marketing and sales. Mr. Cunaku’s trade fair trips and customer visits take him around the world.

Giuseppe Montesano - musikalische Leitung beim Wiener Hofburg-Orchester
Musical Direction

Giuseppe Montesano, Ma

I see making music, like any other authentically experienced art form, as a sensual means of expression of the soul that favors curiosity, love, and honesty as food.

Continuous improvement of our musical quality is the top priority for our musical director, Mr. Giuseppe Montesano. With the help of innovative products, varied programmes and regular rehearsals, Mr. Montesano is constantly working toward his goal.

Claudia matulic

Claudia Matulic

I appreciate having contact with our international customers. A good working atmosphere is important to me. In case of an emergency, I always have a stockpile of chocolate for my colleagues and myself.

As a member of our secretarial team, Claudia Matulic is responsible for the organization and administration of our concert events. The acceptance and processing of telephone and written enquiries and reservations is the focus of her attention. Ms. Matulic is also responsible for auditing the accounting and preparing the billing.

Norbert Schermann - Büroleitung Norbert Schermann

Norbert Schermann

Ever since my childhood, I have been closely connected with classical music.
The activities in our event office and participation in our concerts as an orchestra member offer me an interesting and varied insight into the day-to-day concert business.

Mr. Norbert Schermann is also part of our secretarial team and is therefore responsible for organization behind the scenes. This mainly includes acceptance and processing of telephone or written enquiries, and reservations. In addition, Mr. Schermann is responsible for organizational matters in the music area.

Anja Bachmann - Reservierungen beim Wiener Hofburg-Orchester
Office Manager

Anja Bachmann

…I have been with you since 2003 and I still enjoy coming to the office. Every day is also a new challenge.

In addition to the management of the secretariat, Ms. Anja Bachmann is also in the backround, responsible for taking bookings as well as coordination and organization of our events. With these come the daily administrative tasks, which she masters as well.

Claudia Schmyerer - Leitung Buchhaltung beim Wiener Hofburg-Orchester
Head of Bookkeeping

Claudia Schmyrer

My passion is the diversity, from work, through culture, to numbers, I can discover something interesting and great everywhere.

Claudia Schmyrer is the head of bookkeeping and responsible for all our accounting. Her work is not only characterized by precision and structure, but also by her focus on contact with employees, our customers and our partners.

Günther Knotzer - Leitung IT beim Wiener Hofburg-Orchester
IT Manager

Günther Knotzer

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” (Nelson Mandela)

Mr. Günther Knotzer heads the IT Department, which is responsible for direct sales online. The IT department is also responsible for social media activities, our own homepage and related statistical analyses.

Avdil Leci - Leitung Direktverkauf beim Wiener Hofburg-Orchester
Direct Sales Manager

Avdil Leci

It’s great to be part of the team!

Mr. Avdil Leci is the head of direct sales and is responsible for the sales staff, and for organization and billing in this area. Mr. Leci is characterized by his flexibility, team spirit, and precision.

Kevin Hartmann - Abendspielleitung beim Wiener Hofburg-Orchester
Evening Director

Kevin Hartmann

Man needs music. It makes the most beautiful dreams possible, and it makes everyday life well-tolerated.

Mr. Kevin Hartmann is part of the evening direction team. Our evening conductors are mainly responsible for the preparation and execution of our numerous concerts. This includes above all the administration of the box office as well as support of our customers. Mr. Hartmann is therefore not only responsible for issuing tickets, but is also available to answer any questions our customers may have.

Kirsten Ohst - IT beim Wiener Hofburg-Orchester

Mag. art. Kirsten Ohst

EVERYTHING in life is RELATIVE – and actually I am a musician …

Mr. Kirsten Ohst assists the IT team in various areas, such as website support and social media accounts.