Covid 19 Informations for Guests and Groups

Please note the following rules for our concerts:

  • There will be assigned Seats (no free seating within the category).
  • The instructions of the staff must be followed unconditionally and at all times.
  • Please note the indicated guidance systems.
  • Please keep your distance from other people who are strangers to you.
  • Please note that regulations can change at relatively short notice. We try to communicate all changes in writing as soon as possible.

In addition to the general rules of conduct, the following safety measures are carried out:

  • Prevention concept according to the COVID-19 relaxation regulation of the Austrian government, as well as appointment of a Corona officer for each event.
  • Compliance with the 3G regulation and independent health check of all participants.
  • Hygiene concept for participants (instructions on how to wash your hands correctly, disinfection, regular hand washing).
  • Our employees always wear mouth and nose protection. Artists who come into contact with visitors away from the stage also wear a FFP2 mask.
  • regular cleaning and disinfection of our sanitary facilities.
  • regular ventilation of our premises.
  • sufficient distance between stage and audience.
  • Signage of the guidance systems as well as posting of the general rules of conduct at the event location.


Last update: April 21st, 2022