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Gert Hofbauer

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Hofburg Heldenplatz


Vienna, the World City of Music

Vienna is considered the world city of music. Especially the music of the Strauss dynasty and the Vienna Waltz in particular, has shaped and enchanted Vienna since the 19th century.

Founding of the Vienna Hofburg Orchestra

In 1971 the best musicians from all large orchestral societies in Vienna close ranks and formed the Vienna Hofburg Orchestra under the direction of the conductor Gert Hofbauer.
Their paramount goal is to cultivate Viennese waltz and operetta music and carry it into the world. Regional and international radio and television productions, international engagements at symphonic concerts, as well as various recordings have spread the orchestra’s fame and popularity.

The Vienna Hofburg Orchestra Concert Season

The Vienna Hofburg Orchestra performs from May until mid October. The concerts take place at the Hofburg’s historic halls located in the heart of Vienna.

The concert venues are the magnificent halls in the Vienna Hofburg as well as the Vienna Konzerthaus or the Musikverein.
The concerts begin at 8.30 pm.

The Program of the Classical Concerts in the Hofburg

The program includes the most popular waltz and operetta pieces by Johann Strauss, Emmerich Kalman, and Franz Lehar, as well as opera aries and duets by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Vienna Hofburg Orchestra is composed of professional musicians, international vocal soloists and classical ballet.