Cover CD Hofburgorchester - Klassische Konzerte Wien - Vienna Concerts

Cover CD Hofburgorchester

Hofburg Heldenplatz - Wien Konzerte - Vienna Concerts

Hofburg Heldenplatz


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Our Shop offers the Vienna Hofburg Orchestra Concert CD with compositions of Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, recorded at the Vienna Hofburg.

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Our concert CD features Johann Strauss’ most famous and beautiful waltzes and polkas such as the "Kaiserwalzer" (Emperor Waltz), the "Donauwalzer" (Danube Waltz), the "Tritsch -  Tratsch Polka", as well as arias from the operettas  "Wiener Blut" (Vienna Blood) and "Die lustige Witwe" (The Merry Widow), and finally well known opera arias by W.A. Mozart. The Vienna Hofburg Orchestra’s CD was recorded at the Vienna Hofburg in the Grosser Redoutensaal (Grand Redouten Hall).

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